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Sep 15, 2019, 09:22 pm


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Terms and Rules - Mobile Game Development Forum


1. Nothing illegal in Singapore.
- The site is hosted on a server in Singapore, which has rather strict laws. So as not to jeopardize the site, please refrain from posting anything they disallow over there.

2. No politics.
- There are better places to exercise your Constitutional First Amendment Rights. If you rally for a cause that goes above and beyond the scope of the forum, even in the off-topic section, your thread will be locked and you may be banned or something. This is to spare us all the headaches of getting involved with e-drama.

3. Don't be a dinosaur.
- If you don't understand mobile development or Internet culture, please have the patience to learn. As you endure the barrage of mild insults and memes, you will grow and change into a better human being for the benefit of all mankind.

Privacy Policy

1. If you are under 13 years of age, do not use this forum. Though the forum software is not configured to collect any personal information, forum users tend to reveal things about themselves over time. Such information is protected by United States law under COPPA.

2. This site uses cookies for two purposes: for session tokens, and to serve you personalized and unobtrusive ads. You can use an ad blocker or simply disable JavaScript to kill the latter use case. (It is also possible to use this forum with cookies disabled, in which case your session token is put in the query string of the URL.)

3. We try as hard as we can to know as little about you as possible. However, any personal information you add to your account exists on the server. In addition, SMF logs your IP address and does not provide a way to turn that "feature" off, so take measures if that is a concern for you.

4. This site is not subject to the GDPR as it is not hosted in the EU. However, if the site were a sentient being, it would probably respect your privacy.